I dislike waiting. Particularly in situations where I can’t be productive, or where people prevent me from being so.

I’m sitting at the Honda dealership waiting for my third visit in almost as many weeks for squeaky brakes. Keep in mind my brakes weren’t squeaking when I originally came in for routine maintenance. And that everytime I come here they say “a few minutes” but I’m here for two hours. If I knew it was going to take two hours I’d try to get work done. Instead I sit waiting, staring at the TV and looking around every few minutes for my hopefully completed and repaired vehicle.

Alas, here I sit… Still waiting… Ugh…


Checking out the new p2. Really like the…

Checking out the new p2. Really like the post types setup.


Add commentmeta tables to an existing MU installation

Needs testing but it’s worked on two existing MU installations so far. I haven’t tested it on a single user setup but I guessed at the code it would probably need… Please share, test, fix, steal, reuse, and recycle this code as needed. There’s probably better ways of doing this, but this got me through it in a pinch.