Tropical Winds Beach Blankets



Every once in a while you come across an idea so incredibly genius that you think to yourself “crap, why didn’t I think of that!” This, is definitely one of those products…

I purchased my first Tropical Winds Beach Blanket as a gift for my girlfriend for her birthday. I contacted Lea through the address available on her website, as I had a few questions about durability and care. I was surprised to receive an almost immediate response. Lea answered all of my questions, and even threw in a Tropical Winds Blanket Bag for free since it was a gift for my girlfriend.

So far we’ve used the blanket only twice, since the weather here in Wisconsin has been less than desirable. The first time we went to the lake front in Milwaukee (which is Lake Michigan for you non-locals.) There was so much sand blowing around I was picking it out of my hair and ears for 3 days. But the second time… the second time a pterodactyl bird took aim and crapped all over the blanket, no lie… I’m not that funny, I couldn’t make it up if I tried… I think it may have dive bombed us…

Thankfully all of the answers Lea gave me about durability were right, and the blanket came out totally unscathed.

You’d be surprised the attention it gets too! Because of its size and the stakes that it comes with to secure it into the sand, people always comment about wanting one and where to find them.

Tropical Winds Contact Info

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