Switching to UTC



At the tone the time will be (13:05 – 4). BEEP.

Working at Automattic and on several open source projects means I am often working with people from all over the world at any given time of the day or night. As such, we tend to coordinate our lives around UTC. Between traveling, daylight savings, my absent circadian rhythm, and my shorter than average attention span these days (squirrel!) I’m always a bit worried about missing a meeting that’s happening someplace I am not.

I know that right now I am EDT, UTC -4, which will be UTC -5 come winter. Half of my team is on PDT which is UTC -7, which is -3 more than me. At the end of September I’ll be at WordCamp Lisbon which is UTC (GMT +1 DST) and in October I’ll be in Hungary which is CEST (GMT +2 DST).

This is me going cross-eyed.

I’ve had quite a few exciting changes in the past 2 years. I have a dog; I switched over completely to OS-X; I switched to Dvorak; I switched to the Lion backwards-mouse-thing; I moved to a part of the United States I’ve never had aspirations to live in; I survived a hurricane. Since times they are a changin’ I’m switching all of my clocks over to 24 hour UTC time until I memorize what’s going on where.

If you see me around, please don’t ask me what time it is for the next few weeks, because I will literally have no idea.