IndieGogo Breakdown

Here’s the breakdown of where your IndieGogo contributions have gone so far.

The breakdown

And… I received a deposit from IndieGogo this morning in the amount of $47,895.00, which means we are all-systems-go for a January 2 start-date of volunteering full-time attention towards BuddyPress, bbPress, & GlotPress!


4 responses to “IndieGogo Breakdown”

  1. What’s the fees deducted and then refunded business about?

    1. Good question. IndieGogo refunds 5% (of the 9% total) if your campaign reaches its goal, to incentivize campaigners to think a bit harder about what exactly it is they hope to receive.

      I think it’s a good way to gently guide campaigners away from asking for too much money, which would likely be a turn-off to potential funders.

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    John is a swell guy!