WordPress is a Conduit

When people talk about WordPress, they call it various things:

In the past, I’ve gone on the record and called it something even bigger, but none of these descriptions truly accurately describe what WordPress actually is, at least to an ever-increasing number of people.

WordPress, the software, is a conduit for creativity, discussion, and innovation. You are introduced to it in such a simple way, but it’s potential is immediately recognizable so you can’t help but tinker with it and wonder what else it’s capable of., the website, is a conduit for discovery, a beacon in the fog, and ultimately the preferred outlet for tinkerers like myself. In my opinion, this is the single most important part of the entire system – the kingpin keeping all of it together that without it would all fall down (hat-tip to the GPL, also.), the anti-social network, is a conduit for writing, and a way to be introduced to the great suite of software Automattic produces to help make online publishing a more enjoyable experience.

WordPress, all of it, draws you in and funnels you through it’s finely tuned interface, introducing you back to yourself in a way that’s intentionally intimate and private, provoking you to invent something great and inviting you to learn more about what both you and it are capable of together.

I’ve experienced no other software and no other community with such an immense, almost gravitational pull. Once I was in, all I could do was orbit and enjoy the view from as many perspectives as I could. From inside Automattic and; from inside 10up and client services; from helping improve; to starting my own journey with Flox – WordPress was there, making sure I knew everything was going to be alright, and helping me discover where I can best fit and why.

WordPress is a conduit for positivity, for enabling greatness, and for generating joy. To everyone who has contributed influence to the WordPress community, working tirelessly to keep it’s spirit shimmering, thank you for your immense passion, intense attention to detail, and for allowing me to float along and be helpful where I’m able.