Today I released (on GitHub) a simple version of a simple WordPress plugin to cryptographically sign your posts. It works by splitting your post content up into words and stenographically inserting zero-width characters between them. Together, those characters combine into a hidden pattern that is unique to your website and that post. If someone copies… Read more about Heidenberg


In case (ha!) you hadn’t heard, spelling WordPress correctly (with a capital P) is a big deal in WordPress land. You see, there are a lot of folks in the world claiming to be “WordPress Experts” without knowing how to correctly spell WordPress. I mean… if they get this wrong, what else will they get… Read more about Wordpress

CaboPress 2017

We’re all pretty brilliant folks (especially you, since you’re reading this) and convincing us we could be more-brilliant about stuff isn’t always easy, especially anything that deals with our businesses, relationships, or visions for either or both. We need evidence. We need proof that if we’re going to change up our strategies or approaches with our… Read more about CaboPress 2017