BuddyPress "Livio"

BuddyPress 2.3.0 “Livio” was released today, and with it comes the foundation of one of BuddyPress’s most requested features – Attachments. I’ll spare you the the details for now, but an enormous amount of effort went into this. We’ve created something that can reliably extend into each of the other components in future releases, while making sure not to scoff in the face of third-party solutions that have been developed through the years.

We already switched all existing avatar functionality over to using it, and there are already plans to finally introduce blog avatars & favicon support for multisite installations, alongside improvements to WordPress in this area.

Check out WPTavern’s post for more, as well as our own release post on the BuddyPress.org blog.

Thank you to the BuddyPress core team for making the 2.3.0 release our smoothest one ever. Everyone stepped up to help with our change log, the blog & forum posts, tweets and retweets (were in a boat?), and helped test the Zip file to ensure it was packaged correctly. In the past, one or two of us frantically did all of this through-out the day, and having all-hands on deck went a long way towards a smooth release for everyone.

Thank you, also, to my IndieGogo campaign supporters from December 2014. You helped me focus completely on my second full-time major (and eighth minor) BuddyPress release, and I look forward to fitting one more in for all of you. (I had originally budgeted to work through the end of June, but 6 months of clean living and vitamin pills will enable me to work through most of the 2.4.0 release cycle also.) <3


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