Hue Bridge PoE



I was running out of outlets in the UPS in my 6RU rack, and found myself wondering if it were possible to convert a Hue Bridge to be powered over ethernet rather than the big white wall-wort.

Turns out, Amazon made this really simple.

First, buy this PoE converter, and switch it to 5V.

Next, buy this adapter, and connect it to the small power cord included with the above converter.

The supplied power cord is around 10″ in length, so you may want to pick up a 12″ Cat6 ethernet patch-cable as well, if you don’t already have one.

Lastly, plug the converter into your PoE source, then plug the power and data cables from the converter into your Hue Bridge.

Everything should power on and light up normally. If it doesn’t, retrace the above steps and try again.