OSX, HostName, and FiOS

Flash-back to 2004 when Matt figured out how to change the computer name on his new Mac; now flash-forward to today when I need to do the same thing, and his method didn’t work. Also tried Richard Bronosky’s method, and still no joy.

If you have FiOS, it could be Verizon’s fault.

I needed to change the DHCP Client ID:

Network > Settings > Advanced

…and then I needed to rename the device at the router too, otherwise terminal would show my HostName as ‘new-host’ even after the above changes…

Router Config >My Network > Rename

It’s possible I didn’t need to do all of these things, but I did anyways and finally got rid of that pesky ‘new-host’ name.


Swag Day


Better Google Translate Beatbox

pv, zk pv.  pv pv pv zk pv. pzk, zk pv. pv zk pv zk pv. bsch psk pv pv xz bsch pv. pvzpvzpvzpvz,

Or go directly to Google Translate and click “Listen” to check out what the heck that means.

If there wasn’t a limitation on the length of text it speaks back, I could keep it going for longer with other variations. This also gives a neat peek into how the speech algorithm works, since it’s sensitive to punctuation and syllable patterns.