macOS Disk Utility “Operation cancelled”

When trying to use Disk Utility to make a backup of one of my Raspberry Pi’s, I was repeatedly seeing an error that was causing my backup to fail. Operation cancelled Disk Utility Not particularly helpful. For me, the fix involved setting the Disk Utility application to have Full Disk Access inside macOS System Preferences,… Read more about macOS Disk Utility “Operation cancelled”

Update GitLab signing key

At the beginning of April, GitLab updated their repository signing key. If you try to update, you will see an error during sudo apt update : W: An error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used. GPG error: bionic InRelease: The following signatures… Read more about Update GitLab signing key


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Stop indexing your development directory

Are you a software developer? Do you run macOS? Do you frequently checkout files from third party code repositories? Do you use an IDE like PHPStorm, Xcode, Atom, Netbeans, or something else? Do you frequently run commands like npm install┬áthat reach out to the web and pull down a bajillion files you will literally never-ever… Read more about Stop indexing your development directory