Super Powers

For a long while I’ve been meaning to take advantage of the laziness that our Daily Post blog offers, and today’s topic was short enough to finally motivate me to start.

Would you rather be able to read other people’s minds, or live forever?

Clearly, we all would rather be Q than Diana Troi. Am I right, or am I right?

See, living forever comes with it certain assumptions… being impervious to pain, having some sort of regenerative ability, and finally learning to play the piano. Without those things, I’m just another bag of organs. After a few thousand years of people watching I’d develop the ability to predict people’s behavior anyways; eventually I’d have both powers and everyone that picked “read minds” would be dead and buried.

Now that I think about it, this question is severely flawed. Who, currently in their right mind, would pick “read other people’s minds”?

I want to read my dog’s mind instead.

Most of the crap people think of on a daily basis is stupid. You’d be stuck listening to people complaining about their bosses, worrying about the weather, and all sorts of other mundane non-events until you finally die a glorious death just being happy that the voices will finally stop.

In closing, if you’re giving me a choice of being an immortal Scottish swordsman or The Amazing Kreskin, no offense Regis but I’m leaning towards Duncan MacLeod.