CaboPress 2017

We’re all pretty brilliant folks (especially you, since you’re reading this) and convincing us we could be more-brilliant about stuff isn’t always easy, especially anything that deals with our businesses, relationships, or visions for either or both. We need evidence. We need proof that if we’re going to change up our strategies or approaches with our… Read more about CaboPress 2017

Afraid to Click

Users of the Internet in the United States are starting to experience what millions of others in many other nations have dealt with since the widespread deployment of the world-wide web: Fear. As the web evolves, an increasing amount of control is being exercised, or at least recognized as an opportunity that maybe wasn’t really achievable… Read more about Afraid to Click

Apple Trackpad Issues, Explained

I’ve experienced (and deeply investigated) the same exact trackpad issues on my 2012 retina MacBook Pro that people are now reporting in 2016, and Im going to share my experience with y’all. Here’s how you replicate this issue on ANY retina Mac since 2012: Put the cursor on any side of the screen Remember where… Read more about Apple Trackpad Issues, Explained