Evolution of WordPress's Admin UI

Below is a gallery of screen shots I took of WordPress’s administration area (and a few other bonus shots) ranging from it’s first public release through to December 2013. Unfortunately, they are in random order; WordPress’s media library imported them asynchronously and ordering them chronologically will require a do-over (which maybe I’ll do later… meh, for now.)

My personal favorite version (though not the popular vote) is 2.9. I guess it’s like listening to an old original song and album — WordPress 2.9 reminds me of a simpler (yet exhilarating) time in my life, and each UI tweak & change, each new feature since comes from a younger generation doing exactly what I expect them to naturally do: remix the remixes, test boundaries, crush limitations, and change expectations.

What’s your favorite, and why?

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for not letting my apostrophe usage severely negatively impact your viewing & reading experience.


5 responses to “Evolution of WordPress's Admin UI”

  1. aristath Avatar

    I think my favorite one is the one that never came true…
    The redesign concept from behance is just beautiful!
    Perhaps it would not be suitable for everything so I’d go for a mix of the current dashboard and add elements of that redesign. 🙂

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  3. Wow, now isn’t this like re-living the past 11 years of my life?

    To be honest, I’m partial to the current iteration of the Admin, but I kind of like what’s happening over at WordPress.com with their new dashboard, too.

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