On being a .blog founder

I was recently asked to give few words on the fancy new .blog top-level domain for use in some future marketing material. Here’s the snippet in full, in case it’s modified to better fit their needs: Using a .blog domain is the most important thing you can do to upgrade your blog. It clearly communicates what the primary purpose… Read more about On being a .blog founder

Starting over

Starting a new blog is an interesting feeling. In Talking Funny, Louis C.K. mentions that he purposely throws away his act every year, which forces him to find his voice again. Starting a new blog with 0 followers feels a bit like that – I’m not sure what to do here, or what to write about,… Read more about Starting over

Hello world!

Welcome to JJJ’s (new) Blog. This is my first post! My old friends at Automattic are starting to roll out .blog top-level domains, so now I have another blog to tinker with. I decided to self-host this one, for now at least. WordPress.com is still the best place to host a blog, but it’s been… Read more about Hello world!


Changed the blog theme to something a little more black… Well, a lot more black. Chances are I won’t ever get around to blogging here, but if I do I guess I want it to be pretty?