• Raspberry Pi PoE Hat Fan Control
    I noticed yesterday that the fans on the PoE Hat of my Raspberry Pi 4’s were behaving strangely. They were both kicking on based more on time than temperature, even though neither of them seemed that hot. You can check the temperature via the command line like this: /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp And you’ll get something like: […]
  • Thoughts on UDM Pro Market Fit
    A lot of folks online are being critical of Ubiquiti about releasing the UDM Pro with the features it has and the hardware it’s configured with, because they feel it does not have the same obvious market fit that most of their other hardware has always had prior to it. I believe that the UDM […]
  • Unifi Network – Fixing WPA Authentication Timeout/Failure
    Does this look familiar? If you’re like me, then you probably searched the web for a clue, maybe found some threads in the UI.com Community Forums, but ultimately left feeling pretty uneducated about what it number means and anything you should do about it. Good news! This number being high isn’t going to negatively impact […]
  • My dad
    My dad passed away just before New Year’s, at 75 years young. I was the most involved with him near the end, so I’m also helping with everything that is now happening afterwards. He was in hospice at the Veteran’s Home in King, Wisconsin. It was not sudden, and everyone else around him is doing […]
  • Coauthoring a WordPress Plugin Development Book
    I’m very excited to announce that I’m coauthoring the 2nd edition of Professional WordPress Plugin Development, one of the highest rated WordPress development books ever released!
  • Get snap.jpeg from UniFi Protect Cameras
    How to get the correct username & password for a UniFi camera that has already been adopted by UniFi Protect: Get into Protect UI https://protect.ui.com/ Select NVR you’d like to use On left bottom corner click the Settings gear Click Advanced On the right side, you’ll see Device password, click REVEAL Copy the password Connect to […]
  • Pharrell and Rick Rubin Have an Epic Conversation
    Being a huge fan of Pharrell and Rick Rubin, these two together at the same time is everything I’d want and expect – an insightful journey into all of the hip-hop and rap history I love.
  • Easy PHP Upgrade
    I had a few servers that needed upgrading from PHP7.2 to 7.3, so I wrote this little single-line command to help simply things. It uses apt list to get the PHP modules that are currently installed with 7.2, and passes them through to apt install for 7.3. This can easily be modified for any PHP […]
  • Driveway Timelapse
  • Empty Space in macOS Dock
  • A bunny tipped our goat!
  • Hue Bridge PoE
    I was running out of outlets in the UPS in my 6RU rack, and found myself wondering if it were possible to convert a Hue Bridge to be powered over ethernet rather than the big white wall-wort. Turns out, Amazon made this really simple. First, buy this PoE converter, and switch it to 5V. Next, […]
  • Install Homebridge UI on Raspberry Pi (3 or 4 preferred)
    This is for a fresh install of Homebridge UI with auto-start on reboot or error. If you are trying to convert an existing install, this step-by-step will not work for you, and you’ll need to modify it to suit your needs. Edit your Homebridge config to enable standalone mode:sudo nano /var/homebridge/config.json…and paste this into it. […]
  • Install Homebridge on Raspberry Pi (3 or 4 preferred)
    This is for a fresh install of Homebridge with auto-start on reboot or error. If you are trying to convert an existing install, this step-by-step will not work for you, and you’ll need to modify it to suit your needs. Create the Default Settings file:sudo nano /etc/default/homebridge…and paste this into it. Create the executable service:sudo nano […]
  • Heidenberg
    Today I released (on GitHub) a simple version of a simple WordPress plugin to cryptographically sign your posts. It works by splitting your post content up into words and stenographically inserting zero-width characters between them. Together, those characters combine into a hidden pattern that is unique to your website and that post. If someone copies […]
  • Wordpress
    In case (ha!) you hadn’t heard, spelling WordPress correctly (with a capital P) is a big deal in WordPress land. You see, there are a lot of folks in the world claiming to be “WordPress Experts” without knowing how to correctly spell WordPress. I mean… if they get this wrong, what else will they get […]
  • Variable SSL certificate directives in nginx (part 2)
    Feeling encouraged by my friend Jeremy Felt’s blog post on the subject, I thought I may finally be able to achieve the panacea of WordPress Multi-Network SSL configurations:
  • Install nginx from source
    At the time of this writing, the latest stable version of nginx is 1.16.0, and none of the package managers have updated themselves to include it. Before you get started, you’ll want to be logged in to an open terminal session with a user that has sudo access. The reason for this, is because nginx […]
  • Pastebot added Dvorak Support
  • Wi-Fi Calling – macOS
    This glitchy bit of UI shows up after enabling WiFi calling on an iPhone.