Category: Netbeans

  • Netbeans crashing on macOS

    For the past few years & months, Netbeans (now version 20) has been really struggling to keep up with the type of work that I most frequently use it for (helping to maintain & improve WordPress and a few hundred plugins here or there) and it has really been a bummer because no matter how…

  • Netbeans menu on Mavericks Beta 6

    If you use Netbeans on Mavericks, and updated to Beta 6 (Build 13A558) you may have noticed your menu bar items fail to appear, looking something like this: This comes from the default Java menu bar nib files being accidently removed from the build: /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/A/Resources/*.lproj/DefaultApp.nib The workaround is to install the full Java SE 6…

  • View . files and directories in Netbeans

    By default, Netbeans keeps dot files and directories hidden from the project tree. If you want to show them, never fear — there is a way. Preferences > Miscellaneous > Files > Ignored Files Pattern ^(CVS|SCCS|vssver.?.scc|#.*#|%.*%|_svn)$|~$|^.(?!htaccess$)$ Basically, remove the .* at the end of the regular expression, and you’re good to go.