Dvorak – Day 7

It’s been seven whole days since I switched from qwerty to Dvorak, and I’m happy to report that progress is steady and my accuracy and speed are improving day by day. There is a hurdle I still repeatedly trip over, and it’s the one that prevented me from making the switch originally a year ago.… Read more about Dvorak – Day 7

Dvorak – Day 4

Today I said this in a comment, and it summed up day 4 of dvorak quite nicely: …it’s ended up to be less about speed. I’ve gotten so good at navigating qwerty (about 95 wpm on a good day) that in recent years I’ve slowly taken it for granted. I’ve been careless with my words… Read more about Dvorak – Day 4

Dvorak – Day 3

Insomnia strikes, so in an attempt at brevity for the sake of sleeping, things are slow and steady. I am still quite amazed at how little my fingers move around, and at how quickly I’ve been able to adapt to the new layout. In light of yesterday’s revelation, I’ve started using downtime to silently recite… Read more about Dvorak – Day 3

Dvorak – Day 2

After my second full day of Dvorak, I can tell that my fingers are doing much less traveling around the keyboard. It almost makes the keys feel small and squished together while typing because my fingers leave their respective positions so infrequently. I have managed to commit a few commonly used home-row words to muscle memory… Read more about Dvorak – Day 2

Dvorak – Day 1

Today is the first day of the rest of my Dvorak life. I tried to switch a year ago but only lasted about 2 hours before being so disoriented and frustrated that I gave up and (literally) swore it off as something I would never have the patience or commitment to try again. Today I decided to… Read more about Dvorak – Day 1