Apple Trackpad Issues, Explained

I’ve experienced (and deeply investigated) the same exact trackpad issues on my 2012 retina MacBook Pro that people are now reporting in 2016, and Im going to share my experience with y’all. Here’s how you replicate this issue on ANY retina Mac since 2012: Put the cursor on any side of the screen Remember where… Read more about Apple Trackpad Issues, Explained

2016 MacBook

A few weeks ago, I upgraded from an 11″ MacBook Air to a 12″ MacBook. This is my review, my experience, and a few of my opinions & critiques. The MacBook is the perfect successor¬†to¬†the 11″ Air. Prologue I loved my 11″ Air. It was the first Mac I’ve owned that didn’t suffer some sort… Read more about 2016 MacBook