Tag: Plugins

  • Heidenberg

    Today I released (on GitHub) a simple version of a simple WordPress plugin to cryptographically sign your posts. It works by splitting your post content up into words and stenographically inserting zero-width characters between them. Together, those characters combine into a hidden pattern that is unique to your website and that post. If someone copies…

  • An update to WP User Avatars



    The latest version of my WP User Avatars plugin saw an update this morning. If you need avatars for your registered users, please check it out and let me know what you think!

  • Chosen & Pretty Filters

    In the past month I’ve released two WordPress plugins that I think ended up complementing each other rather nicely: WP Chosen WP Pretty Filters Together they make filtering posts in WordPress a much nicer experience: If you’re a plugin author that’s bundling the Chosen library or doing something interesting with post filters, I hope you’ll consider…

  • Custom Plugin Header Image Label

    Back in December of 2011, Matt and friends added the ability for WordPress plugins to have really pretty header images. For BuddyPress, I went through a few design iterations before settling on the header image pictured at the bottom of this post. I wanted it to be minimalistic and unique, so I took an hour…