Afraid to Click

Users of the Internet in the United States are starting to experience what millions of others in many other nations have dealt with since the widespread deployment of the world-wide web: Fear. As the web evolves, an increasing amount of control is being exercised, or at least recognized as an opportunity that maybe wasn’t really achievable… Read more about Afraid to Click

Apple Trackpad Issues, Explained

I’ve experienced (and deeply investigated) the same exact trackpad issues on my 2012 retina MacBook Pro that people are now reporting in 2016, and Im going to share my experience with y’all. Here’s how you replicate this issue on ANY retina Mac since 2012: Put the cursor on any side of the screen Remember where… Read more about Apple Trackpad Issues, Explained


Tone is more important than the words you use, until all you have is words. On the web, we’ve skirted tone for a long while with emoticons. 🙂 Thankfully, the wide adoption of Emoji is rescuing us from writing obscure combinations of syntactically invalid punctuation, and I think that’s a good thing. If you read as… Read more about Tone

Today's Software is Terrible

Are you a software developer? I am, and everyday I’m embarrassed by my profession. Every single day, I run across some website, app, video-game, program or plugin that is egregiously broken; embarrassingly broken; 5000-developers-with-six-figure-salaries-and-free-catered-lunches-and-still-can’t-get-it-right, broken. Apps on my phone, tablet, computer, tv, and car, crash constantly, sometimes resulting in actual data loss. We shoved television behind… Read more about Today's Software is Terrible

Good and Evil

This past Friday, my car got hit by a motorcycle. There’s a story there, but this post isn’t about that. Rather, it’s about people’s perception of the rider. He must have been speeding. He must not have been paying attention. He must not know how to ride. None of this is actually true, though. He… Read more about Good and Evil

Mother Nature's Toolbox Must Be Heavy

Running npm install for WordPress is a terrifying experience. It installs so many libraries and dependencies, it would take a lifetime to learn them all. If you’ve never had the pleasure, here’s what it looks like today: WordPress@4.5.0 /Users/johnjamesjacoby/Work/VVV/www/wordpress-develop ├─┬ autoprefixer@6.1.2 │ ├── browserslist@1.0.1 │ ├── caniuse-db@1.0.30000384 │ ├── num2fraction@1.2.2 │ ├─┬ postcss@5.0.14 │ │… Read more about Mother Nature's Toolbox Must Be Heavy