I’m going to say, with emphasis, what I think everyone is probably thinking… LoopConf is what you wish most WordCamps were Here’s my gist: Live streaming quality was excellent, because a professional crew was on-tap to handle all of it The logistical planning of the entire conference felt very smooth – almost invisible, really Vendor tables… Read more about LoopConf

Contributing to WordPress, BuddyPress, & bbPress

Siobhan McKeown recently authored an amazing post at Smashing Magazine about contributing to WordPress. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to share some of my own thoughts, mostly surrounding BuddyPress and bbPress. If you’re a part of the WordPress community, this is a great read, with ideas and suggestions from a few of… Read more about Contributing to WordPress, BuddyPress, & bbPress

SLASH Architecture – My approach to building WordPress plugins

I’ve fallen into a routine when building WordPress plugins; a few general rules are: Avoid creating new PHP globals. Avoid executing PHP code in the global scope. Generous use of Actions and Filters. I’ve decided to name the pattern I use Slash, which stands for: Singletons Loaders Actions Screens Handlers Singletons I didn’t love singletons in… Read more about SLASH Architecture – My approach to building WordPress plugins

Retina 2x downsampling

While working on some 2x retina images for WordPress.com, and the bbPress and WordPress open-source projects, I found an image rendering issue that I haven’t seen documented anywhere yet. Here’s the WordPress core retina ticket, for reference. The first image highlights the difference between the WordPress core 2x icons, and the bbPress 2x icons. Notice how… Read more about Retina 2x downsampling

Confessions of an Open Source Workaholic

Hi, my name is John, and I’m an Open Source Software workaholic. I touched on it a bit in my WPCandy interview, and I thought I’d finish the story here with a few added thoughts. I live in a great neighborhood on the east side of Providence, RI. I work from home, rarely drive my car (ignore the… Read more about Confessions of an Open Source Workaholic