The NSA's Guidelines for Implementation of REST

Direct Link and Mirrored Here, from March 25, 2011: The key point to remember is that in order to ensure that an operation / implementation is RESTful, these methods must be used as they were defined in RFC 2616, the HTTP 1.1 specification. If implementations abuse these methods, they not only depart from RESTful behavior, but also jeopardize… Read more about The NSA's Guidelines for Implementation of REST

Chosen & Pretty Filters

In the past month I’ve released two WordPress plugins that I think ended up complementing each other rather nicely: WP Chosen WP Pretty Filters Together they make filtering posts in WordPress a much nicer experience: If you’re a plugin author that’s bundling the Chosen library or doing something interesting with post filters, I hope you’ll consider… Read more about Chosen & Pretty Filters

Meet Stuttter

Stuttter, like WordPress on the surface, is both product and organization. Spiritually it is a conduit for rethinking WordPress from the outside in. It’s a way to independently test the waters for what we can do with it, without deviating from it’s history, beauty, charm, and chutzpah. For me, it’s an empty canvas for code, and a… Read more about Meet Stuttter


I’m going to say, with emphasis, what I think everyone is probably thinking… LoopConf is what you wish most WordCamps were Here’s my gist: Live streaming quality was excellent, because a professional crew was on-tap to handle all of it The logistical planning of the entire conference felt very smooth – almost invisible, really Vendor tables… Read more about LoopConf

WordPress is a Conduit

When people talk about WordPress, they call it various things: Blogging software A content management system An application framework In the past, I’ve gone on the record and called it something even bigger, but none of these descriptions truly accurately describe what WordPress actually is, at least to an ever-increasing number of people. WordPress, the software,… Read more about WordPress is a Conduit

"I’m too busy"

TL;DR – If you ping me directly for help with something, you will probably get it. BuddyPress & bbPress recently switched from IRC to Slack for real time synchronous communication. Philosophically, I prefer the openness of IRC, but I do appreciate how convenient Slack is for everyone, and it’s anecdotally a more inviting and active… Read more about "I’m too busy"

Evolution of WordPress's Admin UI

Below is a gallery of screen shots I took of WordPress’s administration area (and a few other bonus shots) ranging from it’s first public release through to December 2013. Unfortunately, they are in random order; WordPress’s media library imported them asynchronously and ordering them chronologically will require a do-over (which maybe I’ll do later… meh, for now.)… Read more about Evolution of WordPress's Admin UI